Fashion Modelling

I have a strong passion for self-expression, creativity and thus enjoy to express myself through different mediums such as modelling, styling and designing. Though I interact through multi-disciplines, my strongest affiliations lies in fashion.

I love fashion, its interaction with expression of character and identity, its ability to create striking visual imagery that is compelling to viewers, its ability to create an outer world experience and push boundaries in creativity and storytelling. I thoroughly enjoy taking apart in a creative process that brings something to life and therefore love taking part in campaigns.

Having started modelling in January 2017 I have been privileged  to work on numerous campaigns for fashion houses such as ASOS,  Adidas, Grace Wales Bonner, Levi’s, along with featuring on major publications such as Vogue, FGUK Magazine, 10Man Magazine, Thirteen Magazine and many more. In addition I have been part of projects that have been exhibited in MOMA, Red hook labs, featured in a music video for Little Dragon,  worked renown image-makers such as Ibrahim Kamara, Gareth Wrighton, Harley Weir & Kristin Lee Moolman to name a few and walked South African Fashion Week numerous times.